Je Joue Mimi Review: The Next Big Small Thing

Imagine a woman who carries herself with dignity. She has proper manners and whenever she speaks it’s only with something intelligent and relevant carried on a voice that woos the ears. She’s petite, and perfect, and she’s the Je Joue MiMi. This small clitoral vibrator is made for women because it speaks to the perfection in them, but it’s so powerful and versatile that even men can enjoy this perfect “woman.”

Je Joue Mimi

My Je Joue Mimi review takes note of the fact that it doesn’t look like a sex toy at first glance, and is even attractive and pretty in any of the colors that it comes in. Its sleek design makes it comfortable not only to hold but also to use and its rounded figure slides like silk across any part of the body. Completely smooth with no added texture for stimulation she’s great for beginners and women looking to share their toy in the bedroom. Perfect for running along the erogenous zones on a man or rubbing against a woman’s clitoris, MiMi is made for subtle play.

Her vibrations are impossible to fully review because of the variety she provides. With five different pulsing patterns and five vibrating speeds she is versatile and never the same twice. Discrete, quiet, and easy to clean, my Je Joue Mimi Review concludes that it is a great toy for travelers and risk takers who look for excitement any place they can get it outside of the home. Orgasms for women have never been so portable, but while Je Joue MiMi is quiet and polite, she still might leave the user screaming in delight.

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