I’m Faithful. But Is He Cheating On Me?

We all know that trusting someone is hard. Most relationships’ biggest issues revolve around trust. What does trust mean? In many cases, the biggest question we all ask is: “Is he cheating on me?”

While there is no way to know for certain whether or not your man is cheating on you (aside from catching him in the act). Here are some signs to look for to know if he is cheating:

Accuses You of Lying

When a man is cheating, he has a guilty conscience. He knows all the lies that he has told you, and he starts to wonder if you are capable of doing the same. You may tell him that you’re going to the mall with your mother. He will get uneasy, asking you a million questions. He may even ask you “Is that really where you’re going?” It could be trust issues from his past. However, be wary of this behavior.

His Cell Phone is Off – A Lot

This doesn’t mean that every time his cell phone is off, he’s doing something he shouldn’t be. Batteries do die. However, in an age of technology we all try to ensure the battery dies as little as possible. If you’ve been dating for a while and it becomes a habit for his cell phone to be off at times you would normally talk, this is a sign. He knows you will call, so he shuts it off.

Offering Alibies

When people lie, they often get paranoid. As the liar, he feels like you already know and this will make him nervous. He will start offering alibies to his stories before you even ask for them -“You can call Jay and ask him if you want”. Would you tell your friends to verify your story with your boyfriend? No. This is a sign.

Extreme Jealousy

Again, your man has a guilty conscience and any person of the opposite sex that you talk about or introduce him to, he will ask things like “what’s going on between you two?” It won’t matter how much you insist you are only friends. Again, he knows what he is capable of, and wonders if you are too.

“Is he cheating on me?” isn’t the easiest question to answer, and not just one of these clues will tell you. However, if you start to notice a combination of them, it’s time for further investigation.

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