Hyper Bunny is Orgasmic

Rows of beads, clit encompassing ears, multiple vibrations and rotations; these are just a few of the things that makes the Hyper Bunny a great toy for women to use during masturbation. Even though many Rabbits also have features similar to the Hyper Bunny you’ll find in this Cal Exotics Hyper Bunny review that it is more about how the Hyper Bunny delivers on these features that make it worth the price.

Hyper Bunny calexotics

Lots of Rabbits have rotating beads but this vibrator excels in bead rotation because the bead rows are linear and far enough apart that they’ll never get caught on each other. There are four tantalizing rows and they can rotate at multiple speeds stimulating and massaging your vaginal walls. But we’re not done with this Cal Exotics Hyper Bunny review yet – there’s more. Every Rabbit also has ears, but not every Rabbit has multiple vibrating functions for the ears and an LED display that lets you know which setting you’re on right on the control! You can even have the vibration pulse increasing the throbbing that comes naturally when the clit is stimulated.

The biggest thing that sets the Hyper Bunny apart from other Rabbits is the length that can actually be inserted. Many vibrators take the approach that the vibrations and possible G-spot stimulation is enough, but some women want it all and a nice, long shaft is appreciated. Because of how long the shaft is that’s inserted this toy is recommended only for experienced vibrator or toy users. When you’re ready to experience everything at once, you’re ready for the Hyper Bunny.

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