How Fresh Is Fresh By Leaf?

Typically a review about a sex toy is more about the sensations it can provide, especially for a woman’s sex toy. The Fresh by Leaf, however, is a little different. In this Leaf Fresh review it’s easy to discuss its potential for incredible orgasms and the way that it might seem simple but is like having multiple toys in one sitting because of the unique edges, but the Fresh by Leaf is more than just a useful sex toy; it is also an environmentally friendly one.

The Fresh by Leaf vibrator

The high price might throw you off considering it’s just a small vibrator but the high price is due to the incredible effort the company made in making sure that the Fresh is the most environmentally conscious toy made for women. Unlike most vibrators, it takes rechargeable batteries and even comes with a cute canvas tote for transporting or storage, limiting its entire impact on nature.

To finish this Leaf Fresh review, we end with its level of safety for women. While all vibrators are intended for internal use, the Fresh is even more in tune with a woman’s needs because of its material composition. It is made from the highest grade silicone possible, meaning that it is not only safe for vaginal use but it is hypo-allergenic and latex free, all while still being waterproof. If safety for the environment and yourself are a high priority on your list then the Fresh by Leaf is the right toy for you.

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