Good Communication Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult. You Just Need To Know How To Do It

Having a meaningful conversation with your man can sometimes be daunting. However, things do need to be said. Good communication is essential to a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Here are some tips to help make those conversations easier and more meaningful.

1. Never Talk When You’re Angry

A really good way to make a situation worse, is to talk about something when you’re really angry or upset. Your emotions are boiling and you are bound to say something you don’t mean. If something has really upset you, tell him you need a few minutes to be alone. Go to the bathroom, take a walk around the block, let your emotions simmer down. Then go back and talk about the situation. Calmly.

2. Don’t Bottle Your Feelings

Sometimes you think it’s easier just to ‘let it go’. But not everyone truly does let it go. If there is something bothering you, just say it! The longer you leave it unsaid, the more time it has to build up in your mind. Eventually it will have to come out, and you will have turned an otherwise minor situation into a huge one.

3. He Doesn’t Have to Fix It

Most men think that when you tell them about something that is upsetting you, they are supposed to offer a solution. Sometimes, women just need to vent. Maybe it’s your boss, or your mother who is driving you crazy, and you just need someone to talk to. Tell him that he doesn’t need to offer a solution. Let him know that all he has to do is listen.

4. Offer a Solution

If there is something that you do want him to fix, let him know that too, but offer him a solution to the problem. If you feel like he pays more attention to his iPhone than he does to you, ask him to give you two hours each night of undivided attention. Offering a solution helps you achieve results the right way, the first time.

5. Rehearse

Sometimes you have something you want to say, but you’re nervous to bring it up. Maybe you think it will ‘sound dumb’, or you think it might start an argument. Either way, if it’s important to you, it has to be said. Rehearse it a few times out loud when he’s not around, and it will be easier to say when you’ve got him face-to-face.

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