G-Spot Gel

Locate and stimulate your G-Spot with ‘Oooh! That’s It! G-Spot Gel’. This remarkable gel comes with a “Find It! Guide” and is so easy to use. Using the guide you simply find your g-spot, then apply just a dime sized amount of the gel to your g-spot for the best g-spot stimulation you have ever experienced. As you stimulate your G-spot you will feel your it increase in size. The results are just amazing. With your G-spot temporarily enlarged love making becomes incredible. The guide also gives you the best includes sexual positions for maximum g-spot stimulation complete with drawings. This gel is perfect for anyone having trouble locating their G-Spot and is great for experienced users too. The product is a white lotion, with a menthol-type smell, it’s viscous enough to stay on your finger and not run off like water. You locate the g-spot using your fingers, and then apply with a finger, or perhaps on the end of a dildo/vibrator.

G-spot Gel

“It has to be said, the fun part of the g-spot stimulation exercise is not in the application itself, it can feel a bit like an internal, and is none too comfortable, but once applied it it’s really worth it! Almost immediately your G spot will start tingle and swell. It’s a sensation you probably won’t have experienced before. And if you don’t believe the claims, listen to what one very happy customer had to say about this g-spot stimulation gel:

“I had four – yes FOUR! – gushing orgasms, one after another! It didn’t wear off fast, either. It was more a case of: “Stop! I need to rest now!” I would absolutely recommend this product to every woman. It would be great if some sort of ‘injection’ applicator system could be developed, though that’s just my own personal ‘thing’!”

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