Frog On A Log – Hit The G-Spot Every Time With This Fantastic Masturbation Technique

Level of difficultyIntermediate to been around the block
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubeLure for her
Recommended ToyEmigi Female Sex Toy

We call it Frog on a Log because for this masturbation technique you have to squat like a frog, it may sound a bit uncomfortable and hard on the knees, but this little technique is a truly exciting and very rewarding style of masturbation whereby you squat on top of a dildo or vibrator, moving your hips up and down rhythmically without using your hands – unless you want to stimulate and massage your breasts and nipples at the same time. But what you are really gaining with this technique is arousal and massage of the g-spot inside your vagina.

The highly effective beauty of Frog on a log is that the sex toy does all the work of stimulating the vagina and your g-spot – although you might want to start with a dab of lube to get things going. The best kind of dildo for this type of technique is one that can be stuck to the floor with a sturdy suction cap so that it does not shift while you are riding it. Make sure you have good support like a wall or the arm of a chair to lean against while performing this technique. Once you have the support and the lube insert the dildo, gently at first, then you can start to become more ambitious.

The depth of penetration that frog on a log gives you is controllable, but at the same time deep enough to give the g-spot a thorough work out. If you want to increase the stimulation to this area you could try G-spot gel, which temporarily swells your g-spot and warms it up beautifully. The dildo riding against the g-spot as you thrust up and down will soon create the rising sense of an inevitable orgasm, get ready for it because your knees will weaken in this position, and it could prevent you from getting the full effect if you stop riding the dildo too soon. But when that g-spot orgasm hits, you’ll be one happy froglet.

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