For Great Clitoral Stimulation, Take It Lying Down

Level of difficultyBeginners, intermediate and advanced
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubePjur woman
Recommended ToyJimmyJane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

For this technique you have to lie flat on your stomach on the bed, and it’s great for direct clitoral stimulation, clitoral stimulation and occasional or constant vaginal penetration, or for clitoral stimulation combined with anal stimulation. Bear in mind that with this technique it’s tough to access to your breasts, so it’s not the best for nipple and simultaneous vaginal stimulation. But you can also use a dildo or vibrator very successfully in this position.

For the best results with clitoral stimulation while lying on your stomach, it really helps if you masturbate by gentle stroking around the clitoral region, and not the clitoris itself. Apply your fingers to the skin above and around it; then place the fingers around the clitoris and move them back and forth rhythmically and with a bit of pressure. To achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation you can lie on your stomach and achieve orgasm by indirect massage of the clitoris. At the same time tighten your anus and concentrate on your orgasm.

Of course you can achieve a lot more clitoral stimulation if you opt for a vibrator or dildo as you are rhythmically massaging around your clitoris, the danger here is not in reaching orgasm, but in reaching orgasm too quickly, so use the vibrator sparingly on a low vibe until you are really close to climax. If you are using the vibrator or dildo for clitoral stimulation, it helps to add a drop of lube as well to get things nicely warmed up.

Lying on your stomach is perfect at which ever level you are at in your masturbatory explorations, and it’s a very exciting and rewarding way to achieve orgasm.

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