Fire Up The Bedroom. Sex Should Be Exciting!

One of the best parts about being in a long-term relationship is building on your sex-life. Let’s be honest here – one night stands are usually terrible sex. When you are in a relationship with someone you trust, you can let your guard down and try new things.

Keeping a fire lit in the bedroom is very important in keeping a relationship healthy. Try the following suggestions to add some sparks to your sex-life:

1. Talk

Talking with your partner is one of the easiest ways to spice up your sex-life. Get him to open up about anything that really turns him on, or something he has always wanted to try. Keep an open mind. It may be something you’ve never even thought about, but be open about it. Sometimes just knowing how much you are pleasing your partner is sexier than anything else. Make sure you open up too and let him know what you would like to try. Don’t be shy.

2. Travel

I don’t mean plan a trip to a foreign country (although that is a fun idea too), but try new places to have sex. Start by having sex in different rooms of the house. New locations can easily lead to new positions you might otherwise not have tried. When you’ve had your fun there, take it outside the house. Try having sex in the car parked in a discreet area. The thought that someone might see you could make it extra exciting.

3. Play

There are hundreds of sex toys on the market, and for a reason – they’re fun! If you’re too shy to go into a store, try browsing online shops with your partner. Together, pick a few toys that look like fun and start playing in the bedroom.

4. Porn

Watch porn together. The internet holds every type of porn you could ever imagine – and then some. If it’s your first time watch watching porn, choose something simple and basic. Watching porn together will get you both very aroused, and you may learn some new techniques you want to try together.

5. Withhold

You can make a no touching at all rule, or an everything-but-sex rule, but the idea is that for one week (or more) you abstain from intercourse. Make it interesting, and tease him while getting dressed and undressed. See how aroused you both get when you finally do have sex again.

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