Female Masturbation Toys - Self Love With Silk Stockings

Lingerie Provides Some of the Most Erotic Female Masturbation Toys

In the quest for physical pleasure some of the female masturbation toys that women use are soft objects such as pillows or rolled towels because many prefer not to use their hands on their clitoris and vagina. Another way to use soft objects and the hands together is by using lingerie items during masturbation; two of the favorites are cotton panties and silk stockings. Both of these materials are noted for their sexual qualities; they feel exceptionally good on the skin. This method of masturbating is not just limited to when a woman is at home alone; it can be done in a place at any time as long as the woman has a level of self control. Because it's geared to clothing items, this makes it easy for the woman who prefers this kind of masturbation to have the orgasm wherever she pleases. The sensation of rubbing the legs together wearing pantyhose can easily produce an orgasm for the woman who enjoys this form of masturbation.

Female Masturbation Toys-Self Love with Silk Stockings

In this masturbation technique the most common way women achieve orgasm with nylon or silk stockings is by slipping them between their legs and stimulating their clitoris and vagina. Some women enjoy the sensation of wearing pantyhose and then using another nylon stocking to stimulate the clitoris and vagina through the pantyhose. A variation of this method is to fold the stocking into two or three sections, and to slide it between your thighs. Using one hand on each side you are able to control the sensations much easier, varying the tempo and pressure of the stockings on the clitoris.

Wearing a G-String and Silk Stockings with High Heels are Classic Female Masturbation Toys

This technique is sometimes referred to as a "fetish" using lingerie as female masturbation toys provide visual as well as physical excitement. Silk stockings will produce a sexier sensation but nylon stockings can work just as well. Instead of a G-string, garter belt and stockings some women prefer the all over feel of pantyhose. You can also use other lingerie items to enhance the visual experience and enjoy the feeling of nylon or silk all over your body. Using feathers and fur are two other items that increase your tactile sensitivity. And masturbating in front of a mirror intensifies the excitement visually. Experiment with different combinations to see which turns you on the most.

Start your masturbation session by undressing very slowly; remove your bra and everything else leaving on only your garter belt, g-string and stockings or pantyhose. Begin caressing your body very slowly, and begin to massage your pubic area through the nylon material. Using another stocking folded, begin to caress your nipples and watch them get hard and erect.

Then open the stocking and slip it between your legs gently; begin to pull it closer and tighter to your clitoris as you slip it back and forth between your legs. The sensation of the thin stocking against the nylon on the skin is really very exciting and can bring you to orgasm very quickly.

You can also put the stockings on your hands and begin caressing your body all over; your breasts, nipples and your buttocks. Use your whole hand to stimulate the pubic area with a stocking while you are wearing pantyhose or on your bare skin you can produce very intense orgasms.

Some women enjoy the same experience by masturbating while wearing cotton panties, using a stocking to stimulate the clitoris and their breast nipples as well. Another variation on this masturbation technique is to use lace panties for a more tactile experience; the effect of silk and lace together stimulates the clitoris even more.

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