Female Masturbation Toys Make Self Love Even More Incredible

It is pretty common knowledge that vibrators and dildos are sold on the market – even if you’ve never used them. If you haven’t used them, however, that is something you should definitely change!

There are many different types of vibrators and dildos on the market- something to meet the needs of every woman out there who is looking to increase her pleasure when she masturbates. There are vibes as small as your pinky finger, up to dildos the size of a horse penis! Which toy you like best is up to you – no one HERE is judging!

If you’re like me, however, regular vibrators and dildos may not be all you need. There are plenty of toys out there than can enhance your pleasure if used with these typical female masturbation toys.

Vibrators and Dildos are not the only Female Masturbation Toys.

While vibrators and dildos are the most common female masturbation toys, there are many toys that may aid in building pleasure, such as warming lubricant, nipple clamps, hand-cuffs, blind-folds, and clit clamps. Let me take you on a brief tour of each of these accessories:

Warming lubricant

When you’re having sex with a partner, your vagina gets very warm. It’s hard to duplicate when you’re masturbating, and that’s where the warming lubricant comes in. Not only does it make you slippery for easier play, it gives that warmth down below that usually comes from being with a partner.

Nipple clamps

Many women can be extremely aroused with nipple play during sex, but the nipples can often get left out during masturbation because your hands are busy elsewhere. Find a set that isn’t too tight at first, and put them on while you masturbate. Just the rocking of your body will make the clamps sway, delighting your nipples.


Many women (and men) fantasize about being tied up, but not all are willing to share that fantasy with their partners. So why not act it out on your own? Place your vibrator on your clit, and hold it down by loosely tying a shirt or scarf around yourself and the toy. Then put on those play cuffs, and keep your hands away while the vibrator does all the work. If you really want some intensity, don’t move it once you’ve orgasmed. You’ll be so sensitive that you’ll want to rip it away, but leave it there and see how long it takes to orgasm again.


Similar to number three, one of your fantasies may involve blind-folding, and this one if very easy to pull off by yourself. Place a blindfold on your eyes, and fantasize about what is going on around you. Allow yourself to believe your hands are the hands of someone else who you can’t see.

Clit clamps

If you’ve got some house work to do before you want to masturbate, but on a skirt, and attach some light clamps to your clit. You might be thinking OW, but its okay – they’re not too tight. And while you’re walking around the house, they’ll be swinging back and forth, pulling gently on your clit, getting you very aroused. If you’re daring – wear the nipple clamps at the same time and see how much cleaning you actually get done before you have to stop and relieve yourself!

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