Female Masturbation Tips-Self Love with Vibrators

Female Masturbation Tips can Help You Enjoy Sexual Pleasure More

Probably one of the oldest masturbation techniques for women is with the hand but with the invention of the vibrator, women were able to increase the stimulation of their clitoris and vagina in a way that was impossible to do using just their hand alone. You can get the most out of the experience using these female masturbation tips for using vibrators.

Female Masturbation Tips-Self Love with Vibrators

Before the invention of the vibrator women were using a variety of objects such as hairbrush handles and cucumbers in addition to stimulating their clitoris with their fingers. But for a long time masturbation with anything was not discussed because of society’s attitude toward women in general and sexual activity in particular.

Even after the invention of the vibrator, masturbation was considered taboo and sex toys were only sold in underground markets. Very few of these masturbation devices were sold by mail order but no respectable woman with take the chance of ordering one of these devices for fear of what her family and friends would say.

Female Masturbation Tips Help You Realize Your Multiple Orgasm Fantasy

But regardless of how masturbation is viewed by society both women and men have continued to practice it by using their hand, objects such as pillows and sex toys. And finally society today has begun to accept the use of sex toys, but there are still quite a few women who have inhibitions about masturbation. But even the easiest female masturbation tips on using sex toys can help women remove the obstacles to their sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

If the success of vibrators as masturbation devices is any indication, more people now have begun to accept that masturbation is a normal activity. Using a vibrator to masturbate is fairly simple but there are many different types of vibrators available today that provide women with many more features to customize their sexual pleasure. The traditional vibrator in the beginning only had two different speeds and was made in a straight shape very similar to a cucumber. Today this style of vibrator is still available but the material that it is made from is much more flexible and has more speeds so that a woman can vary the level of vibration she experiences.

Using a vibrator to masturbate can be much more rewarding when you use a vibrator that’s designed to reach the G-spot inside of the vagina and also stimulate the clitoris. Masturbating with this type of vibrator doubles the level of sexual satisfaction you can experience in a shorter amount of time. Whenever you use any type of mechanical device it’s best to always use a personal lubricant to avoid excessive irritation or friction. There are also specialized types of vibrators that focus their attention on one specific part of the body, for example vibrators that focus all of their attention on the clitoris alone. The simplest way to use any vibrator is to make sure you are physically comfortable in a position that makes it easy to manipulate the device. Most commonly women masturbate either on the bed or sitting in a chair but there also waterproof vibrators that allow a woman to enjoy masturbating in the shower or the bath.

If you choose to masturbate with vibrators you have many different choices that can keep you sexually satisfied in a variety of ways. And because now they are more accepted women have begun to share their masturbation experience with their partner now openly using sex toys with them. It is because of the variety of designs in vibrators that they are probably the most popular sex toy in the world today.

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