Female Masturbation Tips: Get More Aroused

If you’re an avid masturbator like most women should be, it’s not a surprise that you know your body well enough to reach orgasm in just a couple of minutes. While this is excellent when you’re masturbating just to relax before bed, or let off a little stress, masturbation should also have a time and place to be a fun, prolonged activity.

A lot of women don’t need to actually watch porn to get themselves aroused, although it’s not a bad addition to your play time. You don’t have to go out to a store and purchase porn anymore, so you don’t need to worry about being embarrassed. If you have the internet, you have a plethora of porn at your fingertips, and a lot of it is completely free. Find something that excites you, and watch it for a few minutes, allowing yourself to get aroused.

If you really don’t find porn an attractive option, don’t worry – there is plenty of stuff you can do instead to get yourself aroused and increase the fun you have at play time.

Increase Pleasure with these Female Masturbation Tips

One thing most women excel at is fantasies. Fantasies are an extremely healthy part of a women’s sex-drive, and can aid in achieving much stronger orgasms, both with masturbation and during sex with a partner. Maybe your fantasy is as simple as running into Brad Pitt on the street, where he tells you you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and takes you home to give you a full body massage. Or, maybe you have stronger fantasies of rough and wild sex, fetishes or anything else your mind can conjure up.

Use these fantasies to get yourself aroused, and gently play with your nipples and your clitoris while you play out these fantasies in your head. You’ll be amazed at how much wetter you become, and how much stronger the orgasm is when you do climax.

Another way to more extreme pleasure is to change up your methods. While you know you can get yourself off easily one way, why not try something different for a change? Massage your anus while you play with your nipples, or lay on your stomach instead of your back for a change. Stimulating different areas will allow for new sensations, and hopefully bigger orgasms.

And while you’re changing methods, why not change location? Some women tend to masturbate strictly in the bedroom, and while that is obviously fun, masturbating in different places around the house can really change the mood. Why not try masturbating in the shower next time, or while sitting at the dining room table. The feeling of masturbating in a ‘taboo’ place may very well be enough to give you an extra sensation, and increase your orgasmic pleasure. In other words, masturbation should be fun, so change it up and enjoy yourself fully.

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