Female Masturbation Techniques-Self Love in the Shower

Where Pleasure and Fantasy Meet in Female Masturbation Techniques

There are many different female masturbation techniques you can use for pleasure, but the most important thing to help you enjoy it fully is to be relaxed. More than anything else, physical tension makes it more difficult for a woman to reach her sexual climax and have an orgasm. Since the whole purpose of masturbation is to achieve sexual release, start by making sure you are fully relaxed so that this is easy to do.

Female Masturbation Techniques-Self Love in the Shower

Masturbation techniques are as varied as the women who use them and for women who love water-this one will make you really enjoy it more. Water appeals to most women because it is one of the softest elements on earth. Combine water with the modern invention of a shower; your own personal waterfall with its stimulating effect and you have the perfect environment for a sexy self love experience.

Giving yourself the treat of self love by masturbating in the shower is indeed one of the most basic ways to enjoy physical pleasure. One that brings together a familiar experience; the pure, delightful sensation of water streaming all over your body, the sensuality of massaging your skin with soft, fragrant soap, covering your body from head to toe with luscious lather and feeling the caress of this softness between your legs causing your clitoris to gently throb.

Personalizing Female Masturbation Techniques to Suit Your Style of Pleasure

This is what makes it so easy to discover the sexual secrets of your body by indulging in solo pleasures. The silky feel of soap is wonderful on the outside of the vagina and the clitoris; cream-based soaps are ideal because of their oil content which lubricates your pubic area and heightens sensations. But if you enjoy stroking the inside of your vagina, use an intimate cleansing gel instead of soap to avoid irritation. No matter which of the female masturbation techniques you enjoy the most, the accent is on being comfortable.

Taking a shower is even more exciting when you use a detachable shower head which gives you control over the direction of the water flow as well as the intensity of it. After fully stimulating your whole body with lather and water, direct the water flow from the shower head to gently rinse your vulva and clitoris. The steady stream of water on the clitoris while you massage it will bring you to orgasm within a few minutes.

Open your legs and bring the shower head close enough to you to allow the stream to enter the folds of your outer and inner vulva lips, the vagina and totally surround the clitoris. Press the shower head against your vagina and enjoy the spurts of water as it enters and then streams down your legs while you use circular strokes to stimulate your clitoris. Gently pat the clitoris with all of your fingers to make it rise up and grow larger; then spray it with water while you probe your vagina with your fingers.

Change your level of excitement by adjusting the pressure of the stream of water; experiment with the settings, but avoid the higher spurt power levels which can cause pain. The shower head can increase the ability of water to softly stimulate you to orgasm. Alternating the tempo and pressure of the water along with using your hand and fingers to stroke, tweak and tickle your breast nipples as well as your clitoris with the steady stream of water playing on the other area is a surefire way to send exciting sensations throughout your body. By using your hands and the water flow in different areas together, alternating the location and stroking patterns you build up the sexual excitement faster for a more powerful orgasm.

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