Female Masturbation Techniques-Self Love in the Bath

Women Using Water is One of the Oldest Female Masturbation Techniques

One of the most sensual female masturbation techniques or methods to experience self love for women takes place in the bath. This is a very natural environment for masturbation: the sensation of warm water surrounding you immediately helps to relax the muscles of the body so that you can tune into your sexual feelings. For women sexual satisfaction also has an emotional content: taking a warm bath provides emotional comfort which plays a role in releasing inhibitions and allowing you to have totally satisfying orgasms.

Female Masturbation Techniques-Self Love in the Bath

Set the mood with the things that make you feel comfortable; incense, scented candles and your favorite music playing in the background. Use as much hot water as is comfortable to your body, add scented bath oil for extra lubrication, some rose petals for visual beauty and a towel or bath pillow for your head so that you can fully lay back, relax and enjoy the experience. Carefully step into the bathtub, sit down and stretch out; submerge your body completely under the water to your chin, close your eyes and lean your head back on your pillow and allow your body a few minutes to relax and adjust to the temperature of the water.

Female Masturbation Techniques Combine Massage and Relaxation

When you’re ready, use your hands to gently massage your legs, working your way up to your thighs and hips. As you massage your body use long strokes with the thumb and the palm of your hand applying a comfortable pressure on your muscles; use the same movement as when you are smoothing your clothes in a sitting position. When using any of the female masturbation techniques such as massaging yourself, pay attention to the way you’re breathing; take deep, cleansing breaths. Use long, fluid movements to massage yourself from your waistline down to your knees. After about 5 minutes stretch your body in the water and allow your body to simply relax.

Now beginning with your shoulders begin to massage yourself and work your way down your arms, using circular motions on your breasts and long smoothing strokes to your waistline then once again, stretch your body out fully in the water. By this time, your breast nipples should be erect, using the palm of your hand, gently stroke the very tip of your breast nipples and then alternate with using your fingers to gently tweak them.

Continue exciting one of your breast nipples and use the other hand to stroke the area underneath your breasts to your waistline. Massage your abdomen from the location of your navel to the triangle of your pubic area. Place your hand so that it covers your pubic area with the fingers pointing downward and the palm of your hand resting at the top of your pubic area.

Begin stimulating the clitoris by gently pressing the bottom of your palm down and start massaging the area using a circular motion, keeping your fingers close together. Use your middle finger to gently separate the outer lips of your vulva and begin to use an up-and-down stroking movement with you entire hand. Your vulva lips should now feel puffy and your clitoris will be more prominent.

Use your thumb and index finger to push back the hood of the clitoris and begin to trace the outline of it with a circular motion. Now you can either continue massaging your breast with your other hand, use it to massage the inside your vagina or to hold the hood of your clitoris down as you continue stroking your clitoris until you reach orgasm.

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