Female Masturbation-Self Love with Two Hands

Appreciating Your Body through Self Love and Female Masturbation

Female Masturbation with the hand is the most basic and simplest way to enjoy physical pleasure. Quite often women who masturbate by stimulating their clitoris and vagina with one hand while playing with their nipples or other parts of their body with the other hand. An alternative way is to use both of your hands; one hand stimulating the clitoris and the other hand stimulating the breast nipple, vagina or the anus.

Female Masturbation-Self Love with Two Hands

Many women use either massage oil or a personal lubricant during masturbation while others use the secretions produced by the body alone. The whole idea is for your masturbation to be as comfortable as possible. Choose your favorite position for your body; masturbating with the hand you can lay on your back or you can sit up in a chair, if you decide to use a chair it’s y best to use the type that do not have armrests. So that you can open your legs as wide as you please. Some women prefer to use a sofa so that they can prop their leg up more easily.

Preparing Your Mind for the Physical Pleasure of Female Masturbation

The first way you can prepare your mind for female masturbation is to be sure that you have privacy so that you can concentrate on giving yourself all the pleasure you want. Many women begin masturbating by thinking about a specific sexual encounter or their favorite sexual fantasy. Every woman is different; it doesn’t matter if you start by stroking your vagina or tweaking your breast nipples or stroking your clitoris. What matters is the sensation that it brings and how much you enjoy it.

While some women enjoy masturbating while lying on their back, you can also enjoy this pleasure by lying on your stomach or on your side. The most important thing is to make sure that you have full access to your clitoris and your vagina so that you can massage in whatever way stimulates you the most. By using both of your hands together you can vary the tempo of tickling the clitoris or you can use both hands together to massage it at the same time.

Most commonly a woman will use one hand to massage and probe inside the vagina to stimulate the G-spot while the other hand tweaks and tickles the clitoris. Some women enjoy tracing the outline of the outer and inner lip of their vulva or using their hand to massage the whole area at the same time, using the heel of the palm of the hand to knead the clitoris down to the vagina.

Another masturbation technique that some women enjoy is to insert more than three fingers inside the vagina at the same time as deeply as possible, while others use their thumb and their middle finger to insert one in the vagina and the other in the anus while the other hand manipulates the clitoris.

You can also use your thumb and finger to stimulate the clitoris by stroking downward and then using your thumb and index finger to tweak it and your middle finger to massage it in circular motion. Using the middle finger of one hand to probe inside the anus while the other tickles the outer lips of the vulva and the vagina can be very stimulating if you enjoy anal sex regularly.

Using both of your hands to masturbate gives you more options to the type of stimulation that you can enjoy. This two hand technique has an endless number of variations for exciting your anus, vagina and clitoris.

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