Feel The Intensity Of The Autoblow 2 Adult Sex Toys

With the influx of adult sex toys that are available on the market, finding a toy that fits your needs and personal style can be extremely daunting. Before purchasing a toy for self pleasure, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. On your lists of questions, you need to determine what type of pleasure you are seeking, and how long you want to wait to orgasm when using a specific toy. Be aware, that adult sex toys will force you to orgasm sooner than you regularly do.

Take the Autoblow 2 for example. The Autoblow 2 is a robotic blowjob machine. It was made to emulate the sensations that you experience when someone is performing a blowjob on your erect cock. The way that the toy works is not complicated. What you will need to do is insert your cock into a large blue colored opening. (You cannot miss it).

Once your cock has penetrated the machine, force your cock into the machine down to its bottom surface. Make sure that before you insert your cock into the toy that you apply a large amount of lube to its outer surface. The lube will make the insertion process easier, and make it feel like you are sliding yourself into a tight, wet hole. You can tell when your cock has reached the end of the toy, because you will feel the head of your cock touching the bottom base of the toy.

After you have inserted your cock into the machine, then you will need to turn it on, to engage the rows of moving beads that are located inside of the device. These two rows of beads are used to create the illusion that your cock is being sucked by a person. The lube will add to the sensations that you are experiencing.

Autoblow 2 Adult Sex Toys Perfect Solo And Dual Masturbation

Since I don’t have a cock, I don’t get the opportunity to use the blowjob machine to stimulate myself. Instead, I get the pleasure of watching my husband have a blowjob performed on his cock with this innovative machine. Personally, seeing my husband’s cock being sucked into the machine is a turn on. I love watching his facial expressions change, whenever the toy is stimulating the nerve endings on the head of his cock.

To make it so I didn’t feel left out, my husband invented a way to incorporate me into his masturbation routines when he is using the Autoblow 2. Even though the Autoblow 2 has his cock locked into one place, he still has two other erogenous areas that deserve attention during his masturbation session. While the Autoblow 2 is sucking his cock, I will start stimulating his perineum and his anus.

Be aware, that the only way that you can reach these two spots on a guy when he is using the Autoblow 2 is to have him stand in place, or lay on his side. As the Autoblow 2 moves down the shaft of my husbands cock, I begin moving my fingers inside of his anal cavity, over his prostate gland. I will tell you that when my husband is stimulated in multiple ways, the amount of cum that comes leaking from his penis could be picked up and stored in jars.

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