Extase Elegance Is A Finely Tuned Machine

The people from Extase contacted me to do a review of one of their new sex toys for women, and I gladly agreed. It looked like nothing out of the ordinary, but I decided to give it a try. Its nothing super exciting, but the controls were placed conveniently and it operated very quietly.

Extase Elegance

The elegance is completely unique in the way it’s designed; if you want to compare it to other traditional vibrators such as rabbit vibrators. Besides being made from silicone, it’s rechargeable which means no more worrying about running out of our power because I forgot to replace the batteries. I was really happy about this feature; it’s really convenient, because now I can just plug the vibrator in during the day and it’s ready for play time when I come home horny after work.

I’m really liked the fact that this vibrator has different speeds as well as different ways to experience the vibration; you can make the vibrations increase gradually, use a pulsating level, or even the switch back and forth between these levels to achieve as many orgasms as you want. Again, nothing so so different from other vibrators. A nice touch is that the vibrations run through the entire length of the vibrator so you get maximum pleasure from using it.

Although this model is shaped like a traditional vibrator, I’m happy that it’s far from traditional in the amount of pleasure it provides with a combination of features and these pleasures will go on for a long time because of the high quality silicone material that it’s made from. This vibrator felt absolutely wonderful inside of my body and was extremely easy to operate. Plus, it comes with its own travel bag so that I can take it with me discreetly.

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