Exploring The Female G-Spot

Dr Ernst Grafenburg identified the female g-spot in the 1950’s, and by the 1980’s it had became popularized as the ‘g-spot’. Most women feel sensation when the female g-spot is properly massaged, but few know much about what the g-spot is. Some women have have heard that rabbit vibrators are an easy way to stimulate it, which is true.

It’s located approximately two inches inside the vaginal opening toward the front near the belly button, and is a bean-shaped, spongy tissue.

The male equivalent of this gland is known as the prostate. Just like the prostate, if properly massaged, the female g-spot will swell with blood and can create incredibly powerful feelings of sexual sensation resulting in orgasm, and even squirting.

The female g-spot can be accessed and massaged by placing the forefinger or middle finger inside the vagina and then crooking the finger in a ‘come here’ motion. The g-spot is identified by a rougher patch within the vaginal wall. It’s important while doing this to have short clipped and clean fingernails, or ideally wear a latex glove with a little lube. This might sound like a gynecological exam, but with fingers this is the best way to access the female g-spot. Once you find the spot, she may react with surprise and pleasure.

We are all wired up to experience sex in different ways, and while some women will enjoy multiple orgasms from having the g-spot massaged, others may find it either an indifferent experience or even an uncomfortable one. Alternatively, because the multitude of nerve endings in the anus are the same for men as they are for women, a surprisingly high number of women find anal sex to be a big turn on too – although anal sex is always something to try slowly, and with plenty of water based lube.

If the experience of exploring the female g-spot is not everything it’s supposed to be, a g-spot gel that temporarily swells the size of the g-spot can be applied. This enhances the experience of sexual intercourse, and many women report powerful orgasms using this technique to massage the female g-spot.

Some women are much more comfortable using a toy to experience female g-spot stimulation and become adept at massaging the g-spot with a dildo or vibrator. Of course effective penile stimulation is also possible, and woman on top and doggy style are generally agreed to be the best positions to have maximum effect. There is also evidence that the receptivity of the female g-spot to stimulation increases with age. This is because the estrogen level in women over 35 begins to decline and the vaginal lining becomes thinner thereby making the G-spot become more open to massage. One reason perhaps why many women claim that sex became better for them in their 40s’.

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