Emigi Female Sex Toy

The Emigi is a female sex toy from Sin Five that’s designed as a vaginal exerciser. It helps with Kegels exercises and it’s possible to use it comfortably for hours at a time to tone up the PB muscles. The great thing about the Sin Five Emigi female sex toy is that no one need know you are wearing it, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, because the concept is straightforward right from the start.

Emigi Female Sex Toy

This is a great female sex toy if you feel you need a little tightening of your vaginal walls, – and after giving birth to two kids, that’s usually the case for most women. It’s a great product if you’re looking to strengthen and tighten things up. The Emigi is small enough to be unnoticeable as you walk around and yet large enough to give you the benefit of the exercise, and can stay comfortable without slippage.

Made out of WTP, this Emigi female sex toy is made from the same thermoplastic as many toys in the Sin Five product range. They say it’s self cleaning, but washing is always going to be preferable to just leaving self cleaning to chance. The Emigi is designed to be skin-friendly with antimicrobial non allergenic properties. And while the texture is smooth it does have a rubber like feeling to it. Most importantly, it has the necessary firmness to help tone the muscles.

The design of the Emigi is different from a lot of other vaginal exercisers or female sex toys on the market today. It’s a peanut shaped toy with an insertable length of 2″. The total circumference is 3″. Not too big, not too small. The weighted balls inside the peanut are 3.4oz and it’s what gives you the workout as you wear it throughout the day. It creates a good but not uncomfortable workout as you use your PB muscles to keep the Emigi female sex toy in place.

Even as a beginner you should be able to insert the Emigi with no problems. You can opt whether or not to use lube, but the Emigi should be possible to insert even without lube. Once in, try walking around and you will start to feel the vibrations of the balls inside the peanut moving around too. It’s an incredible sensation and can certainly put an extra spring in your step.

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