Don’t Scare Off Mr. Right By Being Too Eager To Marry

As women get older, we often feel pressure from friends, family, and society to get married, have kids, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes the pressure can also come from within. As women we also have an internal clock that tells us time is ticking away, and to hurry up if we want to have kids someday.

Although we may be out there trying to find Mr. Right, he just doesn’t seem to be around. Perhaps you find a few decent men, but the relationships seem to fizzle out quickly. One reason your relationships might not be lasting, is because you are too focused on finding Mr. Right.

If you are too eager to get married, you may be sending out signals that scare away men. Here are some tips on what might be standing in your way of finding Mr. Right when you are too eager to get married:

1. Rushing the Relationship

When you are eager to get married, you might find yourself rushing into things with your new man. Relationships take time to evolve, and if you’re talking about moving in together after just a couple weeks of dating, you’re sure to scare off any man.

2. Trying to Change Him

All too often when you’re in rush to get married, you will try to convince yourself that any man you’re dating at the time is “Mr. Right”. By not waiting for the real Mr. Right, you are settling for someone who is not your best match. Because of this, you will try to start changing him in the early stages of the relationship. No man likes to be told how to act, dress, behave and you will surely drive him away.

3. Becoming Dependent

Because you are so focused on being a new couple and succeeding you may begin to depend on him for things that you would normally do yourself. Before he came along you would have no problem changing the light bulbs or hanging a picture. Now that he’s here you don’t even want to take out the garbage because that’s a ‘man’s job’ and you “need” him to do it. While I’m sure he won’t mind helping you out with some things, asking too much in an early relationship will drive him crazy.

Just remember, that as much as you want to get married – you want to get married to the right man. Don’t rush, and don’t settle. Mr. Right will come along.

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