Discreet Satisfaction With The Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

Sex toys for women come in all shapes and sizes, but I prefer those that are smaller like the Ladygasm egg vibrator. The oval shape fits perfectly inside of my vagina and I like the fact that it works in a simple way. I don't really like complicated female sex toys so the easy operation of this vibrator is ideal for me. I just want to flip a switch and let the toy do all the work for me - I don't want to figure out a bunch of buttons or dials when I want to get off!

Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

This vibrator has a remote control so I can be in different positions when I use it to masturbate; it's really small but powerful and every time I use it I always reach my orgasm quickly. When my boyfriend and I are playing around, I like to use the vibrator to get warmed up. He likes me to masturbate for him and he always brings out all of the sex toys so that he can have more fun with me using them along with his hands. Compared to the other vibrators that we have used, the small size of the Ladygasm egg vibrator makes it a lot easier for him to get me really hot and horny.

Beside the satisfaction it delivers, the main thing that I like about this sex toy a lot is that it's small size so I can take it with me when I'm traveling for business. I can fit this vibrator inside of my cosmetic bag and no one is the wiser. The other vibrators I have used didn't have the power of the Ladygasm egg vibrator and it took me a lot longer to achieve orgasm. The other thing I like about this sex toy is that it's quiet; it doesn't make a lot of noise so I can use in just about anywhere I have a little bit of privacy if I'm feeling really horny and need to get off.

I think this is a great vibrator especially if you enjoy having something completely inside of you instead of the kind of vibrator you have to hold with your hands.

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Ladygasm Vibrating Egg
Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

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