Couple’s Toy Review: We-Vibe 3

Far too many toys are made for women or men but never designed for giving both pleasure at the same time. We-Vibe 3 does just that, and more, by adding to the experience of sex and sensuality. An improved version of the first two We-Vibes, We-Vibe 3 takes all the best things of its predecessors and adds to it in order to make the most perfected version so far. We’ll explore how it turns out in this We-Vibe 3 review.

We-Vibe 3

It looks a little complicated to use, but after a review of the instructions and trying out a few positions it’s easy to discover that the We-Vibe 3 hooks onto a woman’s vagina with the ridged end pressing against the clitoris and the other end firmly against the inner wall of the vagina. If placed correctly this toy can stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. But how does that make this a couple’s toy? The easiest answer is that it comes with a remote meaning the woman’s partner can have complete control over her stimulation without having to be close to her. Her every pleasure will be a surprise known only to her partner.

It also is great for couples who are a little bit more experienced and interested in increased sexual stimulation during intercourse. If a woman leaves the toy in during sex she’ll not only get more pleasure from the stretching, he’ll get more stimulation because it will feel tighter and he will be able to feel the vibrations against his shaft as well. Again, though, this is only for men and women who feel they are ready to add that extra width to intercourse.

Completely rechargeable and waterproof, the only conclusion we can come to for this We-Vibe 3 review is that the toy is well worth the price for a good time in the bedroom.

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