Colt Shower Shot

The Colt shower shot anal douche is really easy to hook up. Just take it straight from the box and attach it to your regular shower hose fitting. Screw the dildo shower head on to the other end and you're ready to go. Before you get started with your anal douche you should first squirt in nutrients and minerals into the dildo head which is supposed to go with the enema, or else you will feel and overly 'rinsed out' afterwards. The best part is that you have continuous hot water flowing inside you which is actually feels like a man is having multiple orgasms inside of you".

Colt Shower Shot

This anal douche is great for all couples who like to take an enema before anal sex so they are clean inside.

It's another great toy from California Exotic, but why oh why did they pick jelly for an anal product? Jelly is porous and cannot be sterilized, so that means this toy cannot be shared - and definitely not used for vaginal use ever. The other thing is when you have it lubed-up, you have to continuously hold the anal douche enema in or it will keep coming out, but this is not a major problem.

If you adjust the water to a lukewarm setting, just let the water rush in and experience the thrill of the water jets running inside of you. The dildo device has holes on the sides so it can spray water liberally during use, so stand in the bath tub or shower while using this because water will definitely spill out as you use the anal douche.

When you've had your fill with the anal douche, turn off the water and remember to clench your sphincter muscles and hold in as much water as you can. The next step is to get yourself on the john before you spill it. The end result is you feel beautifully clean inside, and you can definitely make this anal douche ritual a part of your regular routine.

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