Club Vibe

At first glance they look just like a normal pair of panties – surprisingly well made and comfortable black thong panties with soft lace around the waist – but unlike normal panties they come with a convenient little slot to nestle your vibe in a cute black pouch.

Club Vibe

The panties also come armed with their very own little black box. Not to blow the world up at the President’s command of course, but a remote vibrator to start the most delicious vibe happening inside your panties. Just switch it on and choose your vibe pattern.

You’ve got three to choose from, Ambient which vibrates to the sounds around you, Music which you can hook into your mp3 player or iPhone and Manual which has 7 different patterns. It’s billed as the ultimate Club and Concert Accessory and you can quickly feel why if you try it.

With a flick of the remote vibrator, Ambient is very good at picking up voices and sounds and turning the vibrations into a real thrill. Then if you hook up to an iPod you can rock and vibe to the pulsing rhythms – or you can simply clip the box onto your jeans pocket, switch it to Music and it will vibrate all the way through a concert. And you can experiment with all the naughty things Manual can do to your heart’s content, deciding which pattern you like best.

In a quiet place the strap on vibrator can be a bit loud as it vibes away, but of course in a rock arena, no one is going to know! Both the bullet vibe and the controller are made of non-porous phthalate-free ABS plastic with a polyurethane coating. The bullet has a plastic smell at first but it wears off after cleaning it a couple of times.

The makers, OhMiBod originally called themselves OhMiPod, until Apple stepped in to warn of copyright infringement – and that’s how OhMiBod was born. As an OhMiBod customer you can even download playlists designed to make this strap on vibrator work its magic to the max.

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