Cheeky Boy: A Unique Prostate Toy Design

If you’ve ever done any shopping for prostate stimulator toys, you’ve probably run across one of the various “Boy” toys for prostate massage, such as the Rude Boy. Well, the same designers are back with a new take on that standard design: the Cheeky Boy. This Rocks Off Cheeky Boy review will explore the differences between the Cheeky Boy and its predecessors, and what makes this model so special.

Rocks Off Cheeky Boy

So the main differences between the Cheeky Boy and an older model like the Rude Boy are in the perineum stimulator and the general shape of the toy. The Cheeky Boy’s perineum stimulator is smaller and more subtle than on previous models, leading to a gentler but still effective stimulation.

The other big difference is that this unit has a shape that is more like anal beads than earlier versions of the toy. If you’ve ever used anal beads before, then you know how effective they are at enhancing your orgasms. Imagine combining that orgasm enhancing pleasure with more of the same from prostate stimulation. That’s what makes the Cheeky Boy an effective double-whammy of intense pleasure.

Like other toys from this category, this one also features a potent vibration device. This makes it even more effective as a hands-free prostate stimulation toy. That’s one of the beautiful things about it – you don’t really have to do any work to reap the benefits. I hope you’ll try this toy after reading this Rocks Off Cheeky Boy review. Enjoy!

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