Break Ups Suck

We’ve all been there – we think a relationship is going so well. We talk so positively about it to all of our friends, and then WHAM! He breaks up with you. You can’t wrap your head around how this could happen. Why doesn’t he love you? Who does he love instead? What made him do this to you?

Break Ups Suck

You can ask him these questions as much as you like, and you may or may not get any answers. Then you’ve gotta hit the road. He doesn’t want to be with you anymore, plain and simple… you feel washed away with the tide. Next thing you know, you’re acting like a crazy woman, too stricken with heart break to know any better. Don’t be that girl again.

Don’t be That Crazy Girl With a Broken Heart

It’s amazing how emotions such as heart break can really toy with our sense of reality and what’s right and normal. Don’t allow yourself to do things you will regret later. Here are a few of the common ‘break up crazies’ to steer clear of:

1. Do NOT – Under Any Circumstance – Stalk Him

I know you want to know what’s he’s doing right now, but the fact is – he doesn’t care what you’re doing, so why do you care about him? If you weren’t invited to his staff meeting at the office, don’t sneak past security and stand outside the doorway waving. That’s creepy. And yes, Facebook counts as stalking. Delete his account, or you know you’ll spend 10 hours a day checking for new updates on his page. (also creepy)

2. Don’t Move to Japan

… Or make any other life-altering moves. I know you’re hurting, but that hurt will stop. Moving to a foreign country or giving up your career job to work at Starbucks because you feel liberated… is not going to seem like such a good idea when the heart break eases.

3. Don’t Force Your Girlfriends To Gag You

They know that it sucks. They know you’re hurting. And they’re there for you. But they can only listen to the same facts for so long. Don’t force your girlfriends to gag you next time you go out for dinner. You have to stop talking about it (PLEASE!!!) and get back to normalcy for the healing process to really begin.

4. Do Not Destroy Everything He Touched

I know that right now you want to destroy everything he gave you, even the newest iPhone he gave you for your birthday, but don’t. You will regret it. No, seriously… put it down. You will regret it. It’s expensive.

5. Shut Off That Stupid, Sappy Music

If you’re already sad, why are you listening to music that is 10 times sadder than you are? Quit blubbering, and pop on LMFAO ‘Sexy and I know it’ and think about everything your man gave up (that being the wicked, sexy and wonderful you) instead of what you think you’re missing.

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