Been Cheated On? Starting A New Relationship? Learn How To Trust Your Man!

Unfortunately, most women out there (including myself), have been in relationships that have ended due to their man cheating on them. It is one of the worst feelings in the world, and it takes a lot of time to get over it. Which means that starting a new relationship can often be quite difficult.

Learning to trust your man can be a very scary thing. However, if you ever want to find that special someone, you are going to have to do it. Here are some guidelines for easing into trusting that new man in your life:

1. Talk to Him

It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly important. Your man needs to know where you stand. Let him know that you have been hurt in the past, and tell him that it may take some time for you to fully trust him. Make sure to let him know that it has nothing to do with him personally. If he’s worth your time, he should not only be okay with this, but he should want to help you trust him.

2. Ask Him to Help You

Ask him to be patient with you in the beginning, and to share as much information with you as possible. The more he tells you about his past and present situations, the less room it leaves for surprises in the future that could lead you to question what he has been telling you. ex., If you meet a female who he introduces as just a friend, and 6 months later you find out they slept together two years ago – this understandably will make you question what else you don’t know. Ask him to be transparent.

3. Tell Him when You’re Worried

Let your new man know when something specific is causing you to doubt your trust. If his female colleague is a bit too friendly, ask him about it. But PLEASE, be careful with this one! When you are learning to trust someone new, you might over think a lot of his actions. If you are asking him about ten things a day, it will drive him away. You’ve asked him to be patient with you, but everyone’s patience has a limit.

Learning to trust someone again will be difficult, and it does take time. Remember that relationships take two people, and with his help, you should be able to trust your man soon enough.

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