B Swish Bcurious Review

It’s natural to be curious when looking at the various review sites available that have a B Swish Bcurious review because it is a very different type of toy. A clit stimulating vibrator, this particular toy is modeled after the curves of a woman and not surprisingly glides along every inner and outer curve a woman has. Because of its unique shape and soft vibrations, the Bcurious is not only an ideal clit vibrator; it’s also amazing for sensuous foreplay.

B Swish Bcurious

Like many other clit vibrators, the Bcurious is very portable. However, also due to its unique design it’s very discrete meaning a woman can carry this toy with her anywhere without having to worry that someone might find her dirty little secret. It’s a good idea to take it places, too, because it is fully functional when underwater so playtime can be anytime! It’s one of the few rechargeable toys that can be submerged in water, and of course it works well with any lubricant.

Even though the price at a quick review seems high compared to other clit vibrators, the money saved on batteries alone makes it a good value. Perhaps the only downside to being a rechargeable toy and also fairly quiet is that the power isn’t as strong as some other vibrators. Still, the subtle touch of the Bcurious’s curves running along the skin and gently gliding against the clitoris while teasing the outer edge of the vagina makes it a fun toy for masturbation and intercourse alike. If you liked my B Swish Bcurious review, click on over to check out the toy.

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