It is immensely interesting to look into women sex toys and realize that since man came along, so did sex toys! “Batons” have been found that tell us that even those during the Upper Paleolithic ice age men used them, and of course the early Greeks definitely utilized them. Since this is so, there is absolutely no reason to be in any way or manner to be shamed for the use of dildos. They truly are as old as man! One can imagine the caveman going off in search of a hunting party to bring home the bacon, or in those days bring home the mastodon! While the men were away, surely the women had to keep themselves entertained, and what better way than to use assorted female sex toys?

Even good old Shakespeare wrote about dildos, and so they have come to more modern times and are even found in our literature today. Ordering a fake cock, or dildo today is actually stressful for some. The reason is that there are easily over one thousand choices to be made. First there is size. Do you want 12 inches long by 2 inches wide, or is it better for you at 11.5”, 10”, 9.5”, 9” or do you want an 8” or 7” cock that is about 1” wide? Actually sizes vary from slightly longer than 1 inch, and the width from less than 1 inch to 2 or more inches! Colored or not? After all you can have a light flesh color, black, or any color in the rainbow if you wish? With or without the sac, or balls? Must it have a suction cup at the bottom? Must it fit in a strap-on outfit? Does it have to be washable? What kind of material must be it made of? Now the list grows even longer and the questions are even more intense if you can imagine that?

Women sex toys are nothing to be ashamed of

How about its texture for adult sex toys? Do you wish it to be swirly, studded, spiky, smooth or would you prefer it to be ribbed? There are even flavors to be chosen, strawberry, chocolate or cherry? Do you want it molded from a certain porn actor’s real cock? That can be done too, you know? Even shapes can be refined. For instance do you want one that has a ball end, or perhaps you seek a certain curve? We all know what double ended ones can be used for, but how about the graduation of it, how much graduation do you want? Do you want one that is totally non-phallic, I hear that bunnies are in this year? Dogs have strange cocks, but there are even doggie dildos available.

Some seek a fake cock or dildo that can be autoclaved or boiled, which makes some men shiver in disgust, and some want one that can be easily cleaned right after usage. How about cloning your own cock, or your boyfriend’s? Today it can be done, and it’s really not expensive at all to do it. Thus you can immortalize your man into your very own dildo or if you wish you can turn his cock into a chocolate yummy that you can enjoy for nights to come! You can even turn that cock into a burning candle if you so desire. Or, how about making a dildo that glows in the dark out of it? Women sex toys are completely your choice now!