Most male sex toys are intended to be used by males only. However, when it comes to certain sex toys for women, there are toys that couples can enjoy using together. Women sex toys are a little more advanced than males toys. Not to say, that males toys do not feature some incredible and innovative designs, but women sex toys kind of beat out male sex toys in a sense.

If you want to add some excitement to the bedroom encounters that you have with your partner, then you may want to consider involving a few women sex toys into the mix of things. There are a lot of toys that couples can enjoy using together; vibrators are just one of these types of toys.

Using Women Sex Toys With Your Partner

I have used my vibrator with male partners as well as female partners. Being a bi-sexual female, I like to think that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, I’m going to keep it clean and not embellish on the different ways that I have used sex toys with females. Instead, let’s talk about how you can incorporate women sex toys into your heterosexual sexual encounters.

One of my favorite toys to use with my partner is the Ladygasm Bullet. I have always been drawn to different types of bullet toys, because they allow me to experience dual satisfaction. I can place the bullet portion of the toy on my clit, for some clitoral stimulation, while placing the other penis emulative part of the toy inside of my anus.

During this time, my partner can give my pussy a little work out. I’ve found that the best way to incorporate the Bullet woman’s sex toy into a heterosexual love making session is to leave the penis emulative part of the toy completely out of the picture. Most heterosexual guys do not want to see a toy that looks like a penis being used, while they are trying to please you.

What I do when I am using the Ladygasm Bullet during a heterosexual encounter with my husband, is stick the bullet portion of the toy on my clit. By placing this part of the toy in my clit, I am able to stimulate this area, while also stimulating my partner at the same time. When he comes plunging into me, in a missionary position, he will be able to feel the vibrations of the toy against the base of his cock.

After I reach orgasm from my partner stimulating my g-spot from the inside, and the Ladygasm Bullet giving me some clitoral stimulation, I grab a hold of the bullet portion of the toy and I place it right on my partners perineum. Ladies, the perineum is the best place that you can put your vibrators on your guy. This area, located right behind your guys balls and right before his anus is extremely sensitive. You will send your guy into cum overload with the Ladygasm Bullet women sex toys placed on this direct area. There is no greater feeling in this world, then cumming with your partner.