Rabbit vibrators have become extremely popular since their first appearance in a Sex and the City episode back in the 1990s. However, due to the popularity of rabbit vibrators, there have been tons of myths flying around all over the place when it comes to using one of these adult sex toys.

I compiled a few of my favorite questions that I spotted about rabbit vibrators, and wanted to give all of you guys my answers to some of the pressing questions that some of you may have. Be aware, that all of my answers are based off of my individual experiences, and the different things that I have learned from using rabbit vibrators and other sex toys.

Can rabbit vibrators make my lose interest in sex? I believe that rabbit vibrators do not make women lose interest in sex. The reason why a lot of women believe that if they use rabbit vibrators they will not be interested in real sex is because the toy is that good. Rabbit vibrators are designed for one simple task, and the one task that they are designed for they accomplish with flying colors. I don’t believe that these toys are going to make you stray away from the real thing, but that is just my personal opinion.

I cannot reach an orgasm without using my rabbit vibrators, what do I do? I constantly get questions from women and guys about not being able to obtain an orgasm without using a sex toy. The problem does not lie with the toy; the problem lies with the person that is using the toy. Mentally you will be thinking about using the toy in order to help you reach orgasm. Therefore, since you are already mentally thinking about using one of your toys, you will force your body not to give into orgasm any other way.

Can using my rabbit vibrators ruin my social life? Rabbit vibrators do not ruin anything; people ruin things because they choose to let inanimate objects in the way of their other obligations. I have never heard a lady tell me that using rabbit vibrators ruined her social life. However, it is possible to become addicted to the feeling that you experience when using one of these rabbit vibrators. If you become addicted to the way that these toys feel, then you may neglect your other responsibilities in life.

Is it safe for me to use rabbit vibrators with my partner? I encourage people to use their sex toys with their partners. There are a lot of reasons why I do this. First of all, when you incorporate sex toys into your partner affairs you enhance the love making session. I know a lot of married couples that began using sex toys while engaged in sex to spice up their marriages and their sex life. Sex toys are designed not only to be used by individual people for solo masturbation purposes, but to also be used by couples to add a little bit of sizzle to their relationships.