So you’ve decided to surprise the little woman by dropping by your local adult store and buying some sort of sex toys for couples in the hopes that she will see the joy in the present? The last thing you want to hear behind your front door is the clump, clump heralding an angry wife at you rather than the sugar pie you thought you’d receive , if you let her know you are bringing home a present. But, if you know your woman well, and know what she sexually enjoys and can broaden that, you should not have an angry woman in your hands at all but a thankful one instead.

Part of the beauty of running an adult toy store is having someone return not just as a returning customer, but a very thankful one who expresses how she felt after receiving her sex toy. You would probably be rather surprised to find that many do that, because it means that much for them to rekindle their sex life, or just to have found something that enables her to have a total enjoyment of sex.

You know too, sex toys are not necessarily “just” sex toys either. What is meant by that comment is that often when you want to purchase adult toys for partners, instead you end up purchasing something else, such as crotchless panties, cute and adorable teddies, incredibly sexy body stockings, teensy mini dresses, seamed hose and camis.

The Best Sex Toys For Couples Men Should Purchase

Getting back to partner sex toys that are really sex toys, you would be surprised what your female would turn up with if set loose in a large adult sex store for an hour. Chances are that she might very well zero in on one of those incredible new bunny vibrators with those soft jelly bunny ears that control the amount and kind of pressure she’ll feel on either side of her clitoris. It is said that women have loud screaming orgasms with those, you know?

A girl turned loose in one of those sex shops may instead decide that she needs those anal beads she’s heard about from girlfriends back in her sorority, but she never had the chance nor the chutzpah to go out and buy them for herself. Who knows there may yet be some embarrassment coming when she decides that you will be wearing them, and in the final page of this sexual history book, you may find that you have had the best orgasm yet when you felt those being pulled out as you orgasmed! After all they are adult pleasure toys.

The various rabbits that are now available for women seem to have turned the tide on the embarrassment many women had when seeking toys, and now it seems they can’t wait to be able to access sex toys for couples if that includes what they have heard so much about, namely that rabbit! At the moment it is the number 1 seller of all adult toys, and it’s all due to the fact that women talk to other women about it.