Are Your Girlfriends The Key To Better Sex?

While I’m not saying women should be shouting off rooftops every time they have good sex – It is shocking that some women never talk about personal sexual experiences – even with their closest girlfriends.

Keeping close-lipped about that will only lead to you having a sex-life that you never feel comfortable enough to enjoy. Don’t be shy – sharing sexual experiences will lead to better sex, and here’s why:

1. Feeling Comfortable

You may have been having sex for years. Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm. Or you feel uneasy about certain feelings you get during sex. Talking to your girlfriends can put these thoughts t ease. There are many reasons why you might never have had an orgasm, and getting insight from other women that have, can help you reach it too.

2. Sharing Techniques

Sometimes the man you are with will want you to do something specific. Maybe it’s something you’ve never done before and are feeling nervous and self-conscious. Ask your girlfriends about it, and they might be able to give you some tips on how to go about it. If they’ve never done it before either, you can have a giggle and do some brainstorming!

3. New Ideas

Sharing your most intimate details can be embarrassing at first. But what turns you on in the bedroom may be something that your other girlfriends have not thought to try. And vice versa. Sharing what gets you hot, and how – will give you new ideas and essentially better sex.

4. Losing Inhibitions

Once you start talking to you girlfriends about sex, I wish you good luck on stopping. When the flood gates have been opened, you’ll be amazed at all the things you suddenly have to talk about. The more open you become with them, the more you realize that certain desires are natural, and you will feel at ease exploring a deeper sexual side of yourself. Bounce ideas off of each other. Ask each other “have you ever wanted to….?” Or “have you ever tried….?”. There are great card games on the market which help break the ice. Go to a sex shop (online or in person). These games will have sexual questions that you and your girlfriends will take turns answering. You’ll be amazed what you find out!

So quit being so secretive about your sex-life, and let your girlfriends lead you into a life of better sex!

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