Are You Too Controlling?

Sometimes it is hard to see certain qualities in yourself – especially if they aren’t qualities you necessarily want to have. It is not always the man who is controlling in a relationship. Women can be controlling too.

Should your man be worried? Are you too controlling? If any of the following sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time you take some time for self- reflection.

1. You Are His Datebook

Do you like the fact that your man always calls you before accepting plans with other friends? Do you feel the need to keep a mental or physical date book to know exactly where he is at all times? While this may put you at ease, it may make him feel like he’s got his own personal probation officer. Let your man handle his own affairs. You don’t need to know where he is every second of the day.

2. Guys Night Out – What’s That?

When is the last time your man has been out on the town with just the guys? And actually stayed out late and got a little crazy? If you can’t think of a time, then there is a problem. Everyone needs time with their friends, and if you’ve been holding him back from seeing his – he’ll be deserting you in only a matter of time.

3. Jealousy

Do you check his cell phone? Ask him about every text and call he receives while he is with you? Everyone has the right to a little jealousy now and then, but if it’s frequent, he’ll begin to think he can’t do anything without you watching over him. I know it’s tempting to check his phone, but don’t. And don’t ask him about every call either. He gets phone calls when you’re not around you know. You have to trust your man, and give him space.

4. He’s His Own Person

Many times when a man is in a controlling relationship, he will begin to ask permission to do anything. (ie. Can I hang up now? Can I go now?) If your man is asking you these types of questions, it means he looks at you as an authority figure instead of his partner. This is not a good sign.

While it’s healthy to be interested in his life, you need to give him space. If any of these seem like your relationship, you need to ask yourself – Are you too controlling?

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