Always In Need Of Good Dating Tips?

Dating can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. While it’s nice to get dressed up, and make small talk with new and (hopefully) interesting people, having too many first dates can start to get time-consuming and yawn boring. When are you going to meet a guy who’s going to stick around?

If you find that you’re going on far too many first dates without any follow-ups, maybe you need to take a look at the tips below to brush up on your dating skills.

Top 5 Dating Tips for Women

The goal of dating is, of course, to land a man long-term. If you’re not landing anyone past a first or second date, these tips may help.

1. Be Independent

In other words, don’t act needy. The last thing your date wants to hear is how you hate being alone, or how you just can’t seem to find Mr. Right. What your date does want to hear, however, is how much you love (insert your passion here), or where you last traveled to on your own. A man likes to see that woman is capable of taking care of herself.

2. Be Positive

In other words, don’t be negative. Your date is looking to get a sense of who you are. Even if a girl walks in wearing something that looks like it came from a Halloween costume rack, refrain from making any comments about it. If your salad didn’t come quite right at dinner, just let it go. And don’t, by any means, start jabbering away about how your roommate does this, that and the other to piss you off. Leave this sort of talk for your girlfriends. He wants to get to know YOU, not your roommate’s bad habits.

3. Be Yourself

In other words, don’t be who you think he wants you to be, be yourself. Many times women get too wrapped up in trying to get their date to like them, without even asking themselves if they like their date? Does he have the qualities you look for in a man? Is he being honest? Do you like him? Don’t forget about asking yourself these important questions.

4. Be Chased

Allow him to call you, and follow-up with you, until you’re sure that he really likes you. Many guys will call a girl back if they think they’re hot, in hopes they can go to bed with them, but they lose interest quickly. If he really likes you, however, he’ll keep trying. (not for too long, though, so don’t make this a marathon chase)

5. Be Playful

In other words, LAUGH! Be silly! Compatible senses of humor are very important in a relationship, and often overlooked. If you can’t joke around and be goofy with your partner – what fun is that? So put your sense of humor out there at the beginning and see how it’s accepted.

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