I guess you girls are reading this page because you are wondering what kind of woman would create such a website? And why do I feel sexual education is so important?

Well here's the short version: I got a degree in psychology from UCLA (rather not say the year!) and my life guided me towards educating others. I started out helping people with general self improvement, but the more women I met, the more I saw how many of them needed someone to guide them in the right direction about sexual issues. My theory was that confidence in the bedroom would lead to increased confidence outside the bedroom - in all areas of life.

I was right. Women who learned how their bodies worked were able to sexually communicate better with their partners and even communicate better in their work-places. The way I see it - we only live once. Why not make the best of it?

I just hope that my sex toy reviews and masturbation techniques I've written about will help someone, somewhere!