A Bit On The Side Is A Great Way To Achieve A Deeply Satisfying Female Orgasm

Level of difficultyIntermediate
Lube requiredOptional
Recommended LubePjur woman
Recommended ToyLeo Liv G-Spot Vibrator

Let’s face it, the female orgasm is a much more significant event than the male orgasm. And if you want to achieve the female orgasm in a degree of comfort and style while on your own, one of the best ways to do it is by lying on your side. It’s a comfortable position from which to reach and play with a lot of the body parts that really make you want to explode over and over again.

You are in easy reach of your clit which you can reach with a sex toy or your fingers and at the same time you can play with or suck and lick your nipples. Lying on your side is a great way to achieve this and the most comfortable place to achieve this earth shattering female orgasm while flying solo is while lying on a bed.

You can reach behind yourself to stimulate your vagina or clit from the back with this position. Try experimenting doing them together – you will soon discover the right rhythms and movements. Arousing your clitoris, playing with your lips and penetrating your vagina can only make the female orgasm wilder, stronger, deeper and more intense, because you’ll experience a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm all in one.

Lying on your side gives you easy fingertip control, but that’s not to say you can’t spice things up with the addition of a sex toy to reach a massive female orgasm. It’s also so easy in this position to let a vibrator tickle your clit, or a dildo penetrate, although as your masturbatory techniques improve and you become more adept with your fingers, you may discover that the use of additional sex aids are not necessary to achieve crashing female orgasms time after time.

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