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Nancy Underwood

Despite what you may have read, or what you believe, 70% of women masturbate, but less than 40% will ever admit to it. Girls tend to discover women masturbation and female masturbation techniques in their late teens. Of course masturbation among men is much more common, and just about every guy on the planet has done it and proudly confessed to it.

In the case of women, judging by the fervent denials, the embarrassment, the secrecy and quick changing of the subject you could easily believe only a handful of girls have ever indulged. In girls as in boys, guilt plays a significant role in keeping masturbation firmly in the closet. For that reason, we decided to put the whole slippery and emotive subject under the microscope, and to provide a website that explores every facet of female masturbation.

We’ll be marvelling at female sex toys, reviewing and selling female sex toys, exploring the female orgasm, discussing the merits of the ever popular rabbit vibrator and rabbit dildo, and considering the smart new image that manufacturers such as Lelo have lent to the practice of female masturbation.

This is also the site where you can learn new masturbation techniques to be able to bring yourself to ecstasy with just your fingers or everyday household objects. And you can read original steamy stories from the female perspective of self love.

You can also learn about g-spot masturbation, clitoral masturbation, health issues and hygiene. All the things they never discussed in your convent, or even in your most progressive sex education classes ? because nice girls are not supposed to know such things.

But is this site only for women? No it is not, it’s just as much for men to find out how better to pleasure the woman in his life, because there is a lot of ignorance in this department. It’s amazing how many guys want to receive but are not necessarily that turned on about helping the woman chase her own orgasm. Also, a little improvement in technique can only make things go a whole lot better.

Masturbation is less acceptable for women in relationships too, because men tend to take it as a sign of sexual dissatisfaction. This site will help you to find ways to encourage the man in your life to become more adventurous. Perhaps he is yet to realise that the more turned on you are the more he is going to get in return. What this site promises not to do is to cheapen the pleasure of female masturbation with vulgarity and smut. It works great for guys and there’s nothing wrong with that, but women work to a different agenda so let’s explore that and celebrate it.

Do we know everything there is to know about female sexuality? No we do not, the honest truth is, nobody does. Even respected doctors of medicine will tell you that on a scale of 1 to 10, the sum total of our knowledge of female sexuality and the female orgasm is probably a 2. But then again, we have at least come a long way from the days when doctors were required to physically relieve women of their ‘hysteria’ by manipulation of the sex organs.Feel free to explore and find out more.